“Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed”. Prov. 16:3
The United Reformed Churches in the Congo (URCC) rejoices for what the Almighty Lord does for her as a church this season. We recommend the Congo Economic Development Fund (CEDF) Project to the Lord so that we can succeed. We convey our thankfulness to the RCUS through the CEDF for the financial support to us in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Three main activities have been done with this fund within the last few months: 1) The concession in Kinshasa, 2) the concession in Mbujimayi and, 3) and the purchase of sewing machines. The sewing machines are for the poor ladies who completed their training but were unable to get their own machines which can help them earn a living.

We continue to thank God for the training that continues at the Bupuekele Social Sewing Centre. In June this year, 87 pupils completed their studies. Eight young ladies finished all the prescribed courses and they obtained their Certificates. They can now labour for themselves and earn an income.

The training goes well, but the lady-pupils cannot pay for their own studies. Therefore, it becomes hard to fully pay the trainers who teach them. We found Mss. Tshieba Ilunga, Bankina Kabeya, and Ngalula who agreed to work as a team in the same facilities. Later each can work at her own place. Three sewing machines were bought for them with the accessories in order to begin to work. They wished to have a small office so they can work near a place where people visit very often so that they can have clients. And the Church Council that oversees the Sewing Training Center agreed to add $100 to what the trainers are paid as a gift before they went on vacation in July and August. This was an event of great joy for all seven of them. The three girls who were benefited by the sewing machines were taught by Deacon Louis Katende from Bupuekele on how to use this gift in a responsible way. They first need to work together in a workshop before they work individually.

They send words of thanks for the CEDF administered for the RCUS by Providence Reformed Church in Lodi. This encourages other pupils to learn at our Centre. They all admire the love of God that they experience with the Reformed Church.

The two concession (land) sites received $1000 each in order to upgrade their ground/concession. In Mbujimayi, The Committee agreed to cultivate the soil and cut herbs in order to sow soy beans in September when the rains come. They have also built a mud house for the watchman of the concession. As this place is outside the city, in the bush, thieves attempt to steal things they can find in the farm if there no watchman in the concession. In Kinshasa they work in the same way to clean the field and grow sweet potatoes. They rehabilitated the first hangar which was already deteriorating.

The current need is for funds to be raised in order to build strong houses in cement block.

Thanks for: The $3,000 disbursed by the CEDF for the two concessions in Kinshasa and in Mbujimayi; and for the five girls that completed their studies in sewing. Three ladies of the five were identified and are working in the workshop.

Prayer Requests:
1. For church growth and the responsibility of the church members
2. Enough funds to erect a multi-purpose building in cement blocks and corrugated sheet metal in each concession (Mbujimayi and Kinshasa).
3. Peace in the east of the DR Congo.

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