Portrait: Rev. Paul Henderson

Howdy folks! My name is Paul H. Henderson, and I was born the fifth child of Wilson Heywood and Agnes Ann Henderson in a town called Delano, CA, in November of 1957. After a 2-day vacation in the hospital I moved in with my family in the little farming town of McFarland, CA.


have four sisters, and three brothers who still grace this planet. Dad and Mom have gone on to be with the Lord. My dad and mom both served in World War II. In civilian life my dad became a fifth grade history teacher, and my mom, when she wasn’t raising us kids, a nurse, and then a long time teacher’s aid at the local high school (I think to keep an eye on me!)

Though my father struggled for a long time with alcohol (drunk about every night) he still provided for us faithfully, and I loved him so. My mom was a real joyful lady, and a good dancer, as well as a loving, hard-working woman! There wasn’t anything dull about her!

Though my parents were kind and loving good folks, I did not grow up in a “saying grace” or Bible reading family. Yet, my dear mother faithfully went to the Church of the Brethren, and we pretty much grew up in that church and became members.

It was Darrell Janzen, a local Youth For Christ director who took me under his wings and sought to direct me to Christ. I resisted and rejected it, but in God’s good providence, while looking at a “Four Spiritual Laws” tract, at the age of sweet sixteen, I “gave” my heart to Jesus!

I then became involved in the “youth group” and had a wide-variety of spiritual experiences while seeking to find the truth. Then after 10-12 years God had had enough, and He in His mercy directed me to His sovereign mercy and grace.

But to make a long, crazy and wild journey much shorter, it was not until a man at a local coffee shop befriended me (1984-5). He began to use that tried and true method of Q & A to lead me to our Sovereign Lord and the faith once delivered unto the saints! Ryan Spitzer is that man, and I am grateful to God he spoke up and began making a disciple of this ole Lithuanian – Okie!

A few years later (along with brother Fagrey) the Lord added me to His church there in Shafter, CA, under the loving leadership of Rev. Vernon Pollema. It was not until the Lord sent a beautiful, godly woman who would actually and truly have me (Tina), that He called me into the ministry of the Gospel! I graduated from Mid-America Reformed Seminary in 2000. Tina and I have four children. Silas, 14, Melinda, 11, Travis, 9, and Amy, 4. How blessed and full we truly are!

I have had the privilege of serving the saints in Yuba City, CA, and Rock Springs, WY, during the first eight and one half years, while these last four have been spent here at Ebenezer in Shafter, CA. Each body of believers has added much to my growth and maturity in the Lord, while serving as their minister. Folks, there just isn’t anything better than to be able to preach the Word to God’s people, and to serve among them as they go forth every day into the battle serving their Lord and Savior on the front lines of this spiritual war that we, the church, have been called to pursue.

My God has been gracious and so good to me over my whole life. I have learned a whole lot, and here is some of what I learned: You cannot out give God, just try it! It is not about me, but Christ. God’s providence is always remarkable! And that it is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, for His glory alone that I preach and pray, and plug away!

May the LORD our God continue to show Himself strong and mighty on behalf of all those who fear Him, and who look to Christ alone to be their only comfort in life and in death!

Thanks for this time of meeting and greeting! Pray for the RCUS, and may God find faith, and us faithful, when He comes again, Amen!

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