Synod Memories

Synod Memories

Synod Memories

Rev. Vern Pollema pushing the ice cream cart.

Rev. Neale Riffert shared the grace and providence of God in sparing his life since last year’s Synod.  Not an eye was dry after he was done telling the story.  Praise be to God!

“One thing I have to say is that the quality of the morning devotionals was higher than I have ever seen at Synod. So I would like to express my appreciation to Jim, Tracy, and Lee for excellent work. It also demonstrated that you don’t have to be wordy to have a gob-smackingly effective devotional!  Job well-done.”

“This is fun.”

“I’m not sure what to think of the RCUS.  You elected a President without a tie and he is wearing neon running shoes?”

One committee chairman asked, “What am I supposed to do when I am done with my report?”  The answer he was given by the President: “You just go away…”

Another committee chair asked if he was done with his full report.  The President said, “NO you are not done.  We are giving you another matter right now.  We’ll see you again!”

Synod Delegates don’t always follow the rules of order.

“That speech was abandoned.  Do you wish to take it up again?”

“Zoning violation in row 13!!  Please wake up!”


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“Retired 2,3,4,5”: Retired, but still busy passing on the legacy of Christ-centered ministry


“New Treasurer”: Elder Ted Griess passes the $ on to the new Synod Treasurer, Elder Randy Schroeder


-Welcoming the 4 New RCUS ministers, (L to R: Larson, Schwichtenberg, Marinelli, Carr)


“Every year we have “The Ladies Tea” with Synod. It was wonderful time and was well attended with 31 ladies at Kala Stuebbe’s house and many were so blessed.  We had a time of singing, food, and fellowship. Kala Stuebbe led a devotion on contentment.” [insert Ladies Tea photo]

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