Editorial – A Preview and Apology

Editorial – A Preview and Apology

It had to happen.  They say the 3rd time is the charm.  I guess that is true.  The third issue which I produced had an error of such proportions that I have to print this apology.  Several of our readers brought this to my attention, for which I am grateful.  The crossword puzzle on the back page of the November-December 2014 issue was missing the top and bottom rows, INADVERTENTLY.  However, this led to some very great consternation for some of you at your Christmas gatherings as loved ones who came home browsed through your magazines and started filling out the puzzle.  One person wrote, “My 20 year old son was doing the puzzle in the Reformed Herald and said he couldn’t find Jesus.  Then he realized he also couldn’t find Lord.  He said it must be your evangelism ploy to get people to call you and ask you to help them find Jesus.”  Well, it was nothing so deep as that!  I did not have anyone call up asking how to find Jesus.  I would welcome that call at any time, as every Christian would, of course.  In future crossword puzzles, I will do my best to proofread the proof for any ‘missing rows.’

Now for the issue at hand, which is in your hand.  We have two more pastor portraits.  We are almost finished with them.  This has been the most popular section of the Reformed Herald over the past few years.  Please enjoy the Church News items.  We are always looking for more news, but people have to submit it before it can be printed.  So please send us your church news throughout the year.  Pictures are always a nice supplement to your news, where possible.

As we enter a new year, we have a variety of helpful articles.  New Year’s resolutions often include organizing our life and getting rid of the clutter.  The first article describes the Biblical foundations of the idea of order (“Where Would you Put it?”).  This concept is applied in a very practical way in “Why Creeds are Necessary.”  This concept is also applied to the marriage relationship.  How do you advise someone who is a victim of those who abuse the order God has put in place on earth?  Some helpful and challenging thoughts are found in “Whom Will You Serve?”

The Christian Church is certainly larger than any one congregation or denomination.  What a blessing to hear the report from NAPARC.  The mission of Christ’s Church will go on with or without our aid, but what a joy it is to see the next generation hearing God’s call to follow His lead and look for open doors!  Please pray for God to raise up laborers for the harvest, not only in North America, but also for his Church way over in Nepal.

The Christian’s salvation is secure, we are reminded, since we have been “Sealed with the Spirit.”  In all the troubling moments of this coming year, let us not forget that God brings us “Peace Through Worship.”  Finally, we can all be encouraged by the sermon on “The Christian Pilgrimage (Going Home).”

WE NEED YOUR ARTICLES and NEWS ITEMS.  Please send in whatever you can, so that the next few issues can be published in a more timely manner.  Your help is greatly appreciated.


Rev. Kyle A. Sorensen, Manitowoc, Wisconsin

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