Laboring for the Kingdom of G in China

Laboring for the Kingdom of G in China

Laboring for the Kingdom of G in China

[NOTE: We have not adjusted the vocabulary of this article for an American audience.  With some creative spelling, our readers should be able to decipher this article.  Please notice that even the words we use are determined by the level of persecution against the Lord that is present in a given location.  Yet the eternal message of the Eternal Word Who became flesh is not chained by any earthly power. – Editor]

Greetings in the name of our LJC from the most populous nation on earth! I have now labored in Yanji, China for about 9-10 months since August 2015 working the Cmopc under the leadership of RvSam F. and RvMike M. As I consider the service the Father has given me to do for his glory, I would say that I have been at times a Barnabus, a Timothy, and even a Paul. My primary calling to this field of work in China has been to be an encourager and a helper for Sam, Mike, and the rest of the team here at Yanji, as well as to learn from their experience and in the process teach others to learn and grow in their fth.

My official title is MA and so as an associate to the main M’s, I have been called to assist them in their labors. One responsibility given to my charge has been to teach the Word and disciple the Korean-Russian students who come from Russia and Uzbekistan to study at Yanbian University of Science and Technology (YUST). A task commonly given to a male MA, the Lrd has granted me the grce to teach the Word and guide the Russian students to grow in their fth or, in the case of unbelievers, call them to rpntnce and fth in the gspl of our LJC. There are at the moment 11 students under my charge, 8 of whom are C’s, 2 non-C’s, and 1 in the process of prfssng his fth later this year. Three students are officially enrolled as YUST students, and the rest are studying for Korean and Chinese (HSK) exams which will enable them to enroll as students of YUST within a year or two. The workload is often stressful as they have to learn three languages, Chinese, Korean, and English, in order to take classes, but they are determined and dedicated which I admire. I first taught the gspl of John in the fall semester, am now teaching Romans, and will possibly teach on major questions from the Heidelberg Cat in the summer. The Lrd continues to expand his kingdom and in that I rejoice!

In the realm of association with the M, my work as an English Conversation Teacher helps take pressure off the older, veteran teachers in our English Conversation Office (ECO). In the words of our current ECO Director, T.L. Lee, “The more teachers we have in the office to work with smaller groups of students, the more opportunities we have to do M work inside or outside the school.” Thus, my work as an English teacher is a service both to the students and to other teachers. Within the past two semesters, I have taught approximately 150 students, some whose English is really high and others who can only squeak out one to two words. But as I have grown in my teaching and work experience, I have grown to love my students all the more, even the low-level ones who struggle yet are determined. My goal as an English teacher and as an MA in this context is, by the power of the HS, to plant seeds of the gspl into their hearts or water what has already been planted and trust in our Father to bring the increase. I continually see myself and other M’s and MA’s as garden tools in the hands of the LJC and I will continue to wait on his fruit to bear.

Outside of YUST, Sam and Mike gave me the task of teaching English Corner to Chinese locals in the months of January and February as our winter break outreach. Often a fruitful endeavor, I taught the ABCs, when, where, what, and music to children, seasoned citizens, and some university students. The other two single MAs, Steff and Michael, also taught English using the B in classes and studies and have had fruitful encounters in the gspl. We now teach on Saturdays during the school semester for these locals and we would ask for your continual yarpers as the main goal of our local outreach is to bring non-C’s to the local Chinese club that we support.

By the grce of G, I have begun to see some immediate fruit from my participation in the local outreach in a man named Richard. He visited the local club GWC a year ago and initially did not like the local prcher, RvHunter, but this winter after a couple of invitations and visits with him, he now faithfully attends and is coming to a better understanding of the gspl through Hunter’s service. He is still an unbeliever, but we all have been yarping that the Lrd will bring him and his family one day into saving fth in JC. O give thanks to the Lrd, for He is good! He continues to gather his sheep into his fold from the four corners of the earth!

While it may appear that I have acted like a Barnabus for much of the work, in my heart I feel much more like a Timothy. Day by day, I am surrounded by mentors who have taught me and guided me to grow more and more in G-ly character and perseverance. Sam and Mike have by far been the greatest mentors in B teaching, gspl proclamation, and gspl consistent living. Ling, our office director, has been an excellent teacher to me in the area of improving my English teaching ability and using sprtl truths in the classroom and outside. Likewise, the other men and women on the opteam and in the ECO have challenged me and encouraged me in my personal growth in all areas of life, even learning the Chinese language. But by far the greatest teacher and guide has been the G the HS who is with me even in the darkest of times and will never leave me nor forsake me. Indeed, I have often meditated on the sovereign power of G in all aspects of salvation, past, present, and future, during my time here. My only comfort in life and in death remains the same and helps me to press on each and every day, namely, that I belong to JC by his blood, righteousness, and Spirit. May our Tri. G continue to keep us from stumbling and may he present us faultless before the throne with exceeding joy! To Him be honor and glory forever and ever!

Looking on to the future, I have further cause to rejoice in our Svir who is with me every step of the way. With the blessing of the China M of theOpc, my home chcRehoboth RCUS, and my family, I have decided to stay in China for a second year with the intention of visiting Nepal next summer in July 2017 for three to four weeks before returning to America. By the grce of G and generosity of His people, I have enough funds to last until January 2017.  However, I am in financial need for the last 6 months of my time here.  Because of the expenses of travel, I could not return to America this summer to raise missionary support in person.  If you are able to help individually or as a congregation, you may do so at the address listed below.  I do appreciate all of your yarpers that our Father would provide for all my needs for my remaining time serving Him here in China. Our Father has been gracious and merciful thus far because he remains faithful. May His will be done!

If you are interested in receiving my monthly newsletters, please email so that you can be added to the mailing list. If you want to send written correspondence, please send mail to this address: Rehoboth RCUS, 13633 183rd Street, Cerritos, CA 90703. Thank you all so much for your yarpers and support this past year! May the G of our LJC, the love of G, and the fellowship of the HS be with you all!

In Him

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