Mission Work Updates : Christ Reformed Church of Casper, WY

Mission Work Updates : Christ Reformed Church of Casper, WY

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The work in Casper by God’s grace is being blessed richly.  The people that God has brought to be part of the work are steadily growing in grace and knowledge of the Reformed faith, and in love for one another.  Different trials in the lives of different families were met with faith.  They produced in God’s people a greater patience, wisdom, and trust, which is always a joy for a pastor to witness.

Our attendance has slowly increased from year to year.  At the end of the year our average attendance on Sunday morning was about 33, though this has taken a bit of a jump forward since then with the addition of new families who intend to join in membership.  We currently have 27 baptized members and that number looks to increase by 14 in the next six months or so as things stand now.

Two very specific answers to prayer are that God has provided us with a deacon, the first new leadership in the church since it was planted, and God has also sent us a piano player.

The people of the congregation are getting to know the practice of Reformed church government and the benefits and obligations of membership in a denomination; many of them come from congregationalist or independent backgrounds.  Greater structure and order is one great benefit and attraction of the Reformed faith to people in a time when there is a great deal of disorderliness and chaos in churches in America.

We thank God for the prayers and financial support of the RCUS for the work here in Casper.

Pastor Matthew Powell

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