Special Meeting of Covenant East Classis

Special Meeting of Covenant East Classis

The Covenant East Classis convened via video conference call at 7 pm on April 12, 2016, for the purpose of conducting an ordination exam for licentiate Mr. Steve Carr.  Nine pastors and ten elders were a part of this meeting, coming together through the internet while sitting in our respective studies all across the country!  (The President reports that he saw 16 separate ‘windows’ on his computer screen of the faces of the various delegates)  Is this perhaps the first-ever classis video conference call in the long history of the RCUS?  The reason for this unique classis meeting is that Mr. Carr sustained his licensure exam in March, and this video conference call allowed us to conduct his ordination exam without the time and financial costs of having to call another classis meeting in September.  This was a unique experience, but by the grace of God all things went well with the technology as all the delegates were able to hear (and see) each other during the entire meeting!

President Rev. Kyle Sorensen opened the meeting with devotions from 1 Corinthians 14 and prayer.  Before the meeting, Rev. Sorensen presented a written exam to Mr. Carr on the RCUS Constitution.  The Candidates and Credentials committee moved that the written exam be sustained.  The delegates agreed with this motion.  Rev. Jay Fluck then examined Steve Carr on the Three Forms of Unity, RCUS History, and Practica (areas of practical Christian ministry and counseling).  The exams went smoothly, and the delegates were able to speak and ask questions after each portion of the exam via video conference call.

With great joy in our hearts we rejoice and give thanks to God that Steve Carr sustained the exam.  The delegates then gave Mr. Carr the “virtual hug of fellowship.”  The Consistory of Grace Reformed Church and Rev. Harvey Opp were appointed as the committee to arrange for the ordination and installation of Mr. Carr.

Elder Dennis Luquette from Gettysburg closed the meeting with devotions from Romans 3:27-4:8.  The meeting concluded with the delegates reciting the Apostles Creed and Lord’s Prayer, followed by the Benediction and then the singing of the Doxology.  Many thanks to President Sorensen, Rev. Ron Potter (Clerk), Elder Jay Kroese (and others) for suggesting this format and arranging this very unique classis meeting!

Respectfully Submitted,

Rev. Ryan Kron

Eden Prairie, MN



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