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The Women of the Tower of Constance in France Editor: This article is Chapter 22 of Famous Women of the Reformed Church, by Rev. James I. Good.  (orig. published by The Sunday School Board of the Reformed Church in the United States, 1901; available electronically from the Reformed Church in the U.S., 2004). The Huguenot Church has been famous for …

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The First Reformed Settlement in the New World: The French Reformed Colony in Brazil

[Our celebration of the Reformation is often focused on what took place in Europe. But how did it spread to the Americas? The following article by Rev. Good explains the very first attempt to bring the Reformed faith to America, beginning in Brazil. In those days, Reformers were often martyrs as well—not so much at the hands of the natives …

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Idelette D’bures, Calvin’s Wife

Rev. James I. Good THE wife of Calvin is an almost unknown, but very interesting character, and worthy of a more prominent place among the women of the Reformed Church. Calvin did not think of marrying till he was thirty years of age, when he came to Strasburg in 1539. Then it was that he had more leisure to consider …

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Anna Reinhard, Zwingli’s Wife

Rev. James I. Good The wives of the Reformers are an interesting study. They receive greatness from their husbands and impart gentleness and beauty in return. What would Luther have been without his Kathe? And Zwingli’s wife is a helpmeet to him. The women of the Reformed Church have been an important element in her history. Just as Deborah and …

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