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President’s Report on the State of the Church, Synod 2014

President’s Report on the State of the Church The 268th Synod of the RCUS Emmanuel Reformed Church, Sutton, NE May 19-22, 2014 Esteemed Fathers and Brothers: Article 111 of the Constitution stipulates that the President of the Executive Committee shall annually submit a report on the state of the Church, making use of the reports of the Presidents of the …

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Portrait: Rev. James Sawtelle

I was born September 24, 1964, in Craig, Colorado. My parents are the Reverend Gene and Sharon Sawtelle. I am the third of six children. At the time of my birth, my father was a Baptist minister serving a small country church in Craig. Shortly after that my family moved to Anderson, California, and, apart from a brief sojourn in …

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Christmas—The Light Invading the Darkness

  In my observation, there are two ways people approach Christmas. One group enjoys it, looks forward to it, and loves almost everything about it. The other group thinks of Christmas and breaks out in hives. They stress over the financial strain of buying presents, the perceived necessity of finding that perfect gift, decorating the house, the cooking of a …

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Homosexuality: the Testimony of Scripture?

The issue of homosexuality is becoming a defining issue of our time. This is the issue our fellow citizens are debating and discussing and bringing to the foreground of thinking and practice in our generation. It has been so for a number of years already. In our recent election cycle the redefinition of marriage, to include same sex couples, was …

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President’s Report of the State of the Church

For the 266th Synod of the Reformed Church in the United States Rev. Jim Sawtelle Esteemed Brothers, “Although the Reformed Church in the United States is a church of history, we recognize that she has re-entered a form of organization only a year ago. Now again, as a Synod, with four Classes, she is a year old.” These are the …

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