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Western Classis Ordination

September 2012 The Western Classis ordained elder Doug Schlegel to the Gospel ministry on Friday night, March 30, at Providence Reformed Church in Lodi, California. The Ordination Committee was composed of Pastor Jim West (officiating), Pastor Frank Walker (who preached the charge to the new minister), and Pastor Hank Bowen (who preached the charge to the congregation.) The ordination occurred …

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The 27th Annual Spring Meeting of the Northern Plains Classis

June, 2012 Snow, ice, and freezing cold temperatures, with winds blowing snow and driving the wind chill below zero; this has been how one might describe the weather conditions delegates were contending with for the past several years (at least since this ‘reporter’ has been attending the annual Classis meetings in March). However, this year that description of the weather …

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No Justice, No Peace

In 1992, the trial of Los Angeles police officers in the beating of Rodney King ended with no convictions and the city exploded in violence. Riots filled the streets of the city and protestors burned and looted their own neighborhoods. The chant of “No justice, no peace” was the calling card of the rioters. The fact that many of the …

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Go to Church

Introduction I had occasion to be at our local hospital recently. I happened to walk past the door to the office where patients received dialysis treatment. It was there a thought hit me. This is an office where patients show up at the hospital faithfully. We all know why they are faithful. The purpose of these treatments is to make …

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