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1.3 Offices

SECTION 3. Offices ARTICLE 15. The Offices of the Reformed Church. 1. The Offices are: I. The Office of Minister of the Word. Students for the Ministry. Licentiates. Ministers of the Word. Teachers of Theology. II. The Office of Elder. III. The Office of Deacon. 2. The officers of the Reformed Church are to be male members who have the …

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1.2 Congregations

HTML clipboard SECTION 2. Congregations ARTICLE 7. A congregation of the Reformed Church in the United States is a body of Christians accepting the Bible as the Word of God and the Heidelberg Catechism, the Belgic Confession of Faith, and the Canons of Dort as its subordinate standards of faith and doctrine, and organized agreeably to the provisions of the …

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1.1 Members

HTML clipboard PART I . MEMBERS — CONGREGATIONS — OFFICES SECTION 1. Members ARTICLE 1. All baptized persons are members in the Church, under its care and subject to its government and discipline. ARTICLE 2. Persons received into full communion with the Church by confirmation, profession of faith, certificate, or renewal of profession shall be regarded as communicant members. They …

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