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Report on the Annual Meeting of Western Classis

Report on the Annual Meeting of Western Classis The Western Classis of the Reformed Church in the United States convened its 30th annual session beginning March 3, 2015. The meeting was held in beautiful downtown Shafter, California, at the church building of Ebenezer Reformed Church. The host pastor, the Rev. Paul Henderson, welcomed the delegates and presented a devotion from …

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Thankfulness during a Bad Economy

Doesn’t it seem like things look bad and are getting worse? As you survey the social, political, and even religious landscape of our nation and world, don’t you feel a sense of dread? Is it time to panic? As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving Day this year, we could address this temptation to be afraid by comparing what we are …

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Church News: Rehoboth Reformed Church, La Habra, CA

November 2012 Greetings from the RCUS mission work in the Los Angeles basin. We thank the Lord exceedingly for enabling us to be a light on a hill in the midst of a dark and perverse culture. Though the American culture as a whole is becoming more and more secular, we pray that the Lord would enable us to stand …

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The Structure of Prayer

Our Model Our Lord Jesus Christ, in response to the request from His disciples to teach them to pray, gave us a wonderful gift that has been traditionally referred to as the Lord’s Prayer (Luke 11:1–4). It is both a model prayer (“after this manner”—Matthew 6:13) and an example (“say”—Luke 11:2–4). Through this prayer, He gave us biblical principles as …

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