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7. Thanksgiving for a Church Building

Special Service ¶ The congregation may stand, and the following portions from the Psalms may be read by the presiding minister and/or the people. It should be noted by the presiding minister that references to the House of God are to be understood in the New Testament as references to the Church which is God’s people and not a building. …

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6. Burial of the Dead

¶ This burial service is for believers and the children of believers. When other persons are to be buried, the service should be modified accordingly. ¶ When the people have assembled, the minister shall begin the service with one or more of these passages from the Holy Scriptures. “Our help is in the name of the Lord, Who made heaven …

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5. Marriage

¶ The form presented here for the marriage service is preferred; however, any other form in harmony with the Word of God and Reformed practice is permitted. Weddings are under the jurisdiction of the Spiritual Council. ¶ At the time and place appointed for the solemnization of matrimony, the persons to be married shall take their places before the minister, …

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4. Discipline

A. Excommunication ¶ Before the minister announces the excommunication, he shall inform the congregation of what the Spiritual Council did in this present case, and why it is considered necessary to exclude the guilty person from the communion of the church, that all might know the justice of the sentence. BELOVED IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST: Our Lord Jesus Christ, …

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3.3 Public Profession of Faith

¶ After an appropriate announcement of the names of those who are to be publicly welcomed into the congregation by profession of faith, the minister shall proceed by saying: BELOVED IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST: We thank our God for His grace which has been given to you in Christ Jesus, by which He awakened in you a desire to …

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