Church News: Heritage Reformed Church, Waymart, PA

On Wednesday, August 22, 2012, Heritage Reformed Church of Waymart, PA, particularized as an organized church. For ten years Heritage labored in northeast Pennsylvania as a mission work of Peace Reformed Church of Napoleon, OH, with Pastor Ron Potter, associate pastor of Peace RCUS, serving in Waymart. On this evening in August, Pastor Steve Altmann and Elders Jim Drewes and Jon Honeck of Peace RCUS, directed the service of ordination for Dan Wright as elder, and the installation of Dan Wright and John Grimm, who served previously as an elder in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, as elder, and David Smith, who served as deacon in two previous RCUS congregations, as deacon.

Pastor Steve Altmann gave the charges. The first charge was to the newly-elected officers of Heritage RCUS from Hebrews 12:1–4. This included the following: “Brothers, never lose this perspective as you serve in the Church of Jesus Christ. God has not called you to keep the earth spinning, or the heavens from falling. He has not called you to do His work for Him. He simply called you, broken vessels, cracked pots, if you will, to shine forth the brilliant light of Jesus Christ before this flock and the world. It is His work, for His glory, and you will love the work only when you do it by faith in Jesus Christ.” In closing of this charge, Pastor Altmann issued the reminder to “do all that you do to the glory of the Almighty God.”

The second charge was directed to the congregation from Hebrews 13:7–17. Pastor Altmann spoke of Paul writing to the Hebrew Christians who, while experiencing extreme hardships, contemplated a return to the shadows of Judaism denying the real substance of Jesus Christ. Paul then encouraged the people to look to the men God placed over them, as the faith of these men increased with the hardships. Pastor Altmann likewise challenged the Heritage Reformed congregation to look to the men that God has providentially placed over them here as ones that have known hardships, yet have persevered in faith by the grace of God. He concluded the charge with reading of 1 Corinthians 13, expounding the definition of genuine love as it “exists in the body of His bride, the Church.”

We rejoice as the Sovereign Lord God has seen fit to organize and establish Heritage Reformed Church in Waymart, PA, under the leadership of Pastor Ron Potter, Elders Dan Wright and John Grimm, and Deacon Dave Smith.

Submitted by,
Margaret (Peg) Grimm
Member, Heritage Reformed Church

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