Church News: Trinity Covenant RCUS, Colorado Springs, CO

Trinity Covenant RCUS in Colorado Springs, CO, has had a number of noteworthy events over the past months. This is in addition to the regular and faithful ministry of the Word of God.

A revised vision/mission affirmation for Trinity Covenant was adopted by the Consistory and affirmed by the Congregation this year: “Bringing people together with orderly worship consistent with Scripture through prayer and fellowship in Christ.” The vision/mission statement was adopted to focus the energy and resources of the church in order to realize our vision. This vision and statement are on the church site at

We have had two marriages, Jennie to James Ashby [Powell], Charis to Nathan Gross [beloved of our congregation, grandson of retired RCUS minister Lloyd Gross.].

The Colorado RCUS Family Camp was packed out this year, with representatives of five churches in the Rocky Mountain region. The camp was extended to three days and nights this year. The chalet was completely booked. The fellowship was outstanding with lots of quality family time at Golden Bell in Divide, Colorado.

The Annual Colorado RCUS Picnic was celebrated in 2012 at the Black Forest Region Park in Colorado Springs with good attendance from three RCUS churches. The Park has been heavily damaged by the Black Forest Fire and flooding from recent heavy thunder storms, so we are not sure where our picnic will be this summer.

Drs. Joe and Ann Boyle and family make a medical mission to Haiti every summer. He does general medicine and she does dental work. The entire Boyle family is involved in teaching and general “helps.” This mission of the Boyles has been adopted by our church as a supported enterprise.

We take a special offering every fifth Sunday, in addition to the benevolent budgets of Synod and Classis. Recent offerings have been made for missions in the Philippines, MERF, New Geneva Seminary, SC Classis Diaconal Fund, and the Boyle Medical Mission to Haiti [not to the Boyles, but to their supporting organization].

There have been occasions for fellowship among the members during the year. Attendance has been good and new members have been added, as can be seen from the photo.

There have been four confirmations over the past year: Meg Arnold, Katie and Fritz Boyle, and Elizabeth Enoch. We received eleven new communicant members: seven by transfer; four others by confirmation. We lost two who had moved away and two who were administratively removed. This was a net gain of seven members, giving us a total of 50 communicant members at the time of this writing.

We baptized six covenant children, and now have 28 baptized but unconfirmed membership for a total of 79 baptized members, up from 67. In addition there are non-members who attend regularly and are awaiting instruction for membership. Attendance has averaged over 73 over the past year, up from 63 in the last half of 2011. We have visitors on a regular basis. We are happy that we no longer need assistance from Classis or Synod.

We are praying and looking for our own building that we can call home. Real estate is very expensive in Colorado Springs, but we are trusting the Lord to lead us in this endeavor. Evangelical Christian Academy, which now owns what was the Grace Presbyterian PCA church has been very gracious to us, but it is becoming more apparent to us that we need our own space. Please pray for the saints in Colorado Springs.

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