4.2 Worship

SECTION 2. Worship

ARTICLE 178. The essential parts of public worship are a call to worship, salutation, invocation, singing, prayer, reading of the Word, preaching a sermon, giving the offerings, the benediction, and the doxology. These elements of worship approved or recommended by the Synod shall be used in the regular Lord’s Day service.

ARTICLE 179. Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, Ascension, Pentecost — and all days appointed by ecclesiastical or civil authority for fasting or thanksgiving — may be duly respected and observed by congregations and families by attending public worship in their churches.

ARTICLE 180. The Lord’s Day (Sunday) shall be kept a holy day, devoted to the public worship of the Lord, to reading the Holy Scriptures, to private devotions, and to works of love and mercy. Week-day meetings for prayer and daily family worship are also commended as important religious services.

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