Confirmation 2012

Confirmations at Trinity Reformed of Sioux Falls

Trinity Reformed Church in Sioux Falls, SD had five of their covenant youth make professions of faith on Sunday, June 10, 2012.  Pictured are Isaac Bindert, Sydney Korn, Jared Morris, Nicole Petersen, Jacob Strickler and Rev. Ron Morris.  Trinity Reformed has a five year confirmation course which starts with the youth beginning the fifth grade.  During the course of the first four years, the youth memorize and recite the catechism two times and work through Rev. Norm Jones’ catechism work book.  The first four years are taught by the elders of the church.  The ninth graders have their final year with the pastor where they work through the entire catechism as well as other materials before they make a profession of faith.  This fifth year was added at Sioux Falls because it was believed that having an additional year of maturity, as well as more “one on one” time with the pastor, would be beneficial for the students.

We rejoice that each of the students were more than willing to profess their faith publicly in a time when many Christian young people are mocked and ridiculed for their faith.  May God bless these young people and may the Lord use them in the years to come as servants in the Kingdom of God.

Rev. Ron Morris
Trinity Reformed Church
Sioux Falls, SD

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