Editorial: “The Light, the Lord, the Lamb”

Your Word of grace and Light divine
Has shone within this heart of mine,
Exposed my sin—dark hopelessness
And gave to me eternal bliss.
With joy my lips shall praise You now;
My heart in true devotion bow.
For by Your sovereign grace and will
I’ve seen Your Light; it guides me still.


My Lord, my Savior, you have come
To earth below—unworthy home.
Your glory You did leave behind,
Being mocked and scorned by cruel mankind.
While suffering shame on Calv’ry’s tree
Your blood was shed, redeeming me.
For by Your sovereign grace and will
I’ve seen Your cross—“my glory” still.


O Lamb of God, pure sacrifice,
Most precious gift—the greatest price
Was paid as ransom for my soul,
To set me free and make me whole.
Dear Shepherd of my soul, I’ve heard
Your call to me—a saving Word.
For by Your sovereign grace and will
I’ve heard Your voice and hear You still.


My Light, my Lord, pure Lamb of God,
Within me You have Your abode.
Enthroned on high, yet always near;
You fill my life with comfort here.
The Holy Spirit’s temple now;
Enlightened, I may make this vow:
By sovereign grace and sovereign will
I’ll live my life to love You still. Amen.

(May be sung to the tune of “Sweet Hour of Prayer”)

(P. H. Treick, 2013)

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