First Reformed Chapel, Dickinson, ND

We had been doing very well until the late summer. We had been growing and finances were very good. But in early August things turned. We give grateful thanks for the young people that came and encouraged us for a time. We are thankful that we could be here for them as well. One young man is hoping to be back next summer as he has another summer internship for an oil company here. One other young man left to go into the Border Patrol and gave us a glowing review. I am not sure where or even if we should put it on our web page.

There have been visitors that have come, but few stay. Many are here because they have been visiting the area and so find us to worship with us for that Sunday. God at this point seems to have placed us here for the encouragement of the wayfarer.

Please be in prayer for the congregation. We are in our first major trial as one of the original families has stopped coming. Pray that God might enable us to be compassionate and yet firm, and that the issue will be resolved so that fellowship might be restored.

Pray also for contacts in the community. I seek to be in Dickinson 2–3 times a week. The aim is to have opportunity to make friends and acquaintances from which to build relationships and a bridge for the Gospel to those who are lost. Also be in prayer for those who are Reformed in their persuasions that they might come.

The Lord has been gracious and we are growing in our trust, unity, and love for Christ and each other. We give our thanks for Christ’s mercy to us. We are also so grateful for your prayers and support for us. May our Savior bless and encourage you His people of the RCUS.

Rev. L. Dale Clark

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