Johannestahl Reformed Church Painting

Johannestahl Reformed Church was one of the original country churches which later merged to form Zion Reformed Church, Menno, SD.
Organized in 1873, the original church building was formed of field rocks; then in 1902 a brand new wood structure church building was constructed. It is this 1902 church building in which the Johannestahl congregation worshipped until 1966, when they joined with the other country churches to build the current Zion Reformed Church in the city of Menno, South Dakota.
The other church buildings were ultimately destroyed, but the Freeman Historical Society was willing to keep the historic Johannestahl building on their museum grounds. Over the years the building has needed periodic maintenance, most of which the Freeman Historical Society has taken care of.
This year, with the church building needing a fresh coat of paint, many of the members of Zion Reformed Church decided to paint the building ourselves. At 7:30 AM on the morning of Saturday September 9, 2017 we gatherer to begin the repainting process. The morning began beautifully, but then quickly turned cold and rainy. Sadly, we were only able to get the primer coat of paint on, and Lord willing we will return shortly to apply the final coat of paint.
The day concluded with our annual church picnic, which on account of the inclement weather, was held in the fellowship hall of the Zion church building.
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