New Building in NW Arkansas

The congregation of Grace Reformed Church in Rogers, Arkansas are rejoicing as they are able to share this good news of the recent purchase of a church building. We were able to close on the property on November 4, just in time to host our Annual Reformation Conference on November 9 and 10, in our newly acquired building. Rev. Robert Grossmann brought three messages on the importance of the Reformation and what effect it should still have on the church today.

God has been good to us, giving us new families that deeply rejoice in the great and sound Biblical doctrines of the Reformation. We as a congregation do want to take this opportunity to express our deepest thanks to our greater church family, especially the congregations of the Reformed Church in the United States for their kind and faithful support over the past few years. This made it possible for us to establish a church of the Reformation here in Northwest Arkansas. Truly this established work is the result of your faithfulness and desire to see new mission works started. We give God thanks for all of you, and above all, for Him making this possible. Do rejoice with us as we give praise to our God from whom all blessings flow.

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