Portrait: Rev. Lee Johnson


I grew up in Kingsport, Tennessee, as a United Methodist. My loving parents taught me the Word, but it was not until the summer after my sixth grade year that the Lord called me to Himself. It was during a youth retreat and a sermon series on King Saul where God drove home to my heart that going through the motions of being a believer was not acceptable in His sight, and no excuses work with the Holy One of Israel.

It was actually in the Methodist church that the Lord taught me the Reformed faith. My high school Sunday School teacher took us through Romans, and since the teacher was becoming Reformed, he taught Reformation theology to us with a large focus on the completed work of Jesus Christ. There I was introduced to the true beauty of the doctrines of grace. It didn’t take too long before the teacher was asked to leave the Methodist Church, and I also left not long thereafter. When I was home from college, I attended a local PCA church.

It was at Wofford College, in South Carolina, where I met my wife, Jenny Jo. The Lord has since blessed us with five children. After college, I started seminary at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, transferring to New Geneva Theological Seminary after a year and a half. In Colorado Springs, I joined the RCUS. I graduated from seminary in 2004 and was called to Herreid, South Dakota. In 2009 I accepted a call to St. John’s in Lincoln, NE, where I currently serve.

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