Portraits: Rev. C.W. Powell

Rev. C. W. “Bud” Powell

Bud Powell was born, Carroll Walker Powell, Jr., to Carroll and Ella Powell at Memorial Hospital in Medford, Oregon, on April 27, 1934. He was baptized as an infant shortly thereafter in the Southern Methodist Church of Medford Oregon. His father was a farm worker and his mother a housewife. His grandfather A. E. Powell was a newspaper publisher and a Jackson County supervisor. Bud had two older sisters, Barbara [deceased] and Ruth Gleason.

Bud attended elementary school at Eagle Point, Oregon, and junior high at Central Point, Oregon, and high school at Central Point High School, Modesto High School, and Oakland [Oregon] High School. He participated in basketball and baseball, dabbled in learning, and excelled in mathematics and daydreaming. He made small splashes in small ponds. He attended the Community Bible Church in Eagle Point and the Community Bible Church in Central Point, both churches affiliated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. He regularly attended church camp in Canby, OR, and went to Vacation Bible schools in the summer, learning very many scriptures and developing a life-long interest in Biblical knowledge.

After high school he travelled to Greenville, SC. At Bob Jones University in 1956 he received his Bachelor Degree with a major in mathematics and a minor in English. He began seminary at Bob Jones in the fall of 1956 with a graduate assistantship to do campus security and teach mathematics. He would later finish seminary at Sacramento Baptist Seminary with the BD degree. He also began his Ph.D. in education at the University of Nevada at Reno, then transferring to Baptist Christian University to finish, majoring in church history. These last two degrees were earned after his ordination while working in Christian education in Anderson, CA, and pastoring Faith Reformed Church.

He was ordained to the gospel ministry by Sylvan Road Baptist Church in Hapeville, Georgia, and spent most of 1958 touring Baptist Churches in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia providing music for an evangelistic team.

During the years 1959-1961 he was principal of Rogue Valley Christian School in Ashland, Oregon. During this time he also had two radio programs, one commenting on the news and the other a preaching program. He held regular Bible studies and preached wherever there were opportunities. He moved to Anderson, California, to help found Shasta Christian School in the fall of 1961. He married Penny Simer of Rogue River, Oregon, in June of 1962. From that marriage issued six sons, Stephen Walker of Murphreesboro, Tenn., Samuel Arthur of Yuba City, CA., Joseph Jefferson of Colorado Springs, CO., Dorman James of Bettendorf, IA., Joshua Carroll of Kumamoto, Japan, and Matthew Edward of Casper, Wyoming, nineteen grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.

In 1964, Pastor Powell helped J. G. Duckett found Faith Baptist Church in Anderson, California. After Pastor Duckett moved to the RCUS, Pastor Powell introduced Reformed ecclesiology and sacramentology to the church which became Faith Reformed Church, received into the RCUS in 1969, at Lincoln Valley RCUS at the annual meeting of the Eureka Classis, where Pastor Powell was also licensed to preach in the RCUS, having been previously ordained.

In 1964, Pastor Powell also helped found Faith Christian Academy, which later became Northstate Schools, with elementary, junior high, and high school programs and Northstate University, which offered degree programs until Pastor Powell moved to Colorado in 1986. He served as headmaster until 1985.

With a few families from Anderson, Pastor Powell moved to Colorado Springs with Penny and his two youngest sons to plant Trinity Covenant Reformed Church, an RCUS church as a mission from Faith Reformed Church of Anderson and under the authority of the Consistory of Blue Cliff RCUS of Karval, Colorado. His move was approved by the first meeting of the RCUS Synod and the church was received into the RCUS in 1969. He has pastored that church to the present time.

Pastor Powell and his wife Penny also taught school at Evangelical Christian Academy in Colorado Springs. Penny taught first grade for many years, and Bud taught church history, Bible, mathematics and other stuff until 1996 when he resigned to become full time professor of historical and systematic theology at what was then Knox Theological Seminary. He had begun teaching as an adjunct in 1993–4, but travelled to Ft. Lauderdale to meet with D. James Kennedy and the Knox Seminary Board to be examined for the position of Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology. He was appointed to that position in 1996 and began full time duties that fall.

In 1999 the seminary became New Geneva Seminary. Dr. Powell has been Academic Dean and Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology since 1999. All of his activities have been under the authority of the South Central Classis of the RCUS and the consistory of Trinity Covenant Reformed Church of Colorado Springs.

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