Portraits: Rev. Darrell Kingswood

Darrell was born on September 16, 1963 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (‘The true north, strong and free…’). He lived the majority of his early years in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Vancouver, British Columbia within a pagan/hedonistic life and worldview. In the month of June (1984) God sovereignly arrested, apprehended, and regenerated him, graciously calling him out of darkness into His marvelous light (SDG – “Free, at last. Free, at last”).

In the month of August (1987) Darrell had the privilege of entering into the covenant of marriage with Lori Cormier. Their union has been blessed with three covenant children: Jonathan Edward (1992); Joshua Chamberlain (1996); and Aubrey Michelle (2006).

During the earlier part of 1988 Darrell sensed that the Lord was calling him to be a minister of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the fall of that year began his studies at Northwest Baptist Theological College and Seminary. Over the next six years he earned degrees from the aforementioned school as well as the ‘Associated Canadian Theological Schools” of Trinity Western University (ACTS/TWU).

After graduation (as class Validictorian/Delta Epsilon Chi) he served as the first pastor (1993-97) of a group of individuals who had left the Christian Reformed Church (CRC) as concerned members. During this period the group was organized as a church within the Orthodox Christian Reformed Church (OCRC – Abbostford, British Columbia, Canada).

During the summer of 1997 he was called by the Eureka Reformed Church (RCUS/NPC) and began his ministerial service to this church in September of that year. After eight months under the watchful eye and diligent care of Rev. William Haddock, Darrell was ordained as a minister of the Word and Sacrament on March the 18, 1998.

During the early part of 2001 he accepted a call from the Hope Reformed Church of Sutton, NE (RCUS/SCC) and is presently serving this congregation.

And now for the lighter side….perhaps his most notable achievement is being voted ‘Most Likely to ‘Be'” by his High School Existential Club”… along with having Matthew Powell name his conscience after him. Other points of random interest include the following: Favorite Hockey Team: Vancouver Canucks; Favorite Musical Group: Blue Rodeo; Favorite Hobby: Quantum Mechanics and String Theory (you can’t be serious!!!); Favorite Pastor in the RCUS: No problem….The General Lee Johnson. Have a nice day!

Kingswood Pic

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