Portraits: Rev. J. P. Mosley

Rev. J. P. Mosley Jr. was born to Joseph Paul Mosley, Sr. and Patricia Mosley on September 29, 1984, in Nashville, TN. Although born and raised in Nashville, Rev. Mosley had a broad cultural experience due to people who move to Nashville in order to make it big in the music industry. He also experienced many different Christian church traditions, good and bad, because of the diverse cultures and because Nashville is in the Bible Belt.

Starting in seventh grade, Rev. Mosley was given the opportunity to attend a private Christian academy. There his interest in biblical studies began. After he graduated, Rev. Mosley began his university studies at Lee University in Cleveland, TN. It was there, during his freshman year, that J.P. met and began dating his wife, Francesca. After their wedding the following summer and Francesca’s subsequent graduation, they moved to South Lyon, MI, where J.P. finished his degree in Biblical Studies at Rochester College in Rochester, MI.

While in Michigan the Mosleys were nurtured in the Reformed understanding of Scripture. The beginning of this took place shortly after their wedding, when their brother-in-law, Rev. Jimmy Hall, began to ask J.P. the right questions. They began to attend Cornerstone Evangelical Presbyterian Church and became members shortly afterwards.

Upon graduating from Rochester College and after many prayers and blessings from his church family, J.P. and his family moved to Chicago Heights, IL, to attend Mid-America Reformed Seminary in January 2008. He was able to devote himself to his studies full-time and even take extra summer classes in order to graduate in May of 2010, along with Rev. Jimmy Hall.

Rev. Mosley and his family immediately moved to North Carolina to help a CRC congregation there, as their pulpit was vacant, and in order to fulfill an internship requirement. It was during this time that J.P. prepared for ministry in the PCA, but the Lord had other intentions for the Mosley family. Rev. Hall called J.P. and yet again asked the right questions. “Would you consider a call in the RCUS? In Pierre, South Dakota?” J.P. said “yes,” and they were on their way to prepare for ministry in the RCUS.

The Mosley family, which includes J.P., Francesca, and their four boys, Joseph Paul III, Stephen Asher, Judah Alexander, and Simeon Thomas, remains in awe of God’s leading in their lives and are truly thankful for their church family at Hope Reformed Church in Pierre, SD.

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