Portraits: Rev. Steve Altman

I was born on December 24, 1972, in Toledo, Ohio. I was not raised in a Christian home, but by the grace of God, in October of 1993, my in-laws took my wife and me with them to a Christian conference being held in Indianapolis only one week after we were married. While there, I went to hear the testimony of a man named Adolf Coors, the heir of the Coors Brewery fortune. That evening I heard the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ and was made a new creation in Him.

Five years later, after reading through the Scriptures several times, as well as many of the Reformer’s works, I came to see that the Reformed explanation of the Holy Scriptures was the most glorious and consistent of all that I had read. I praise God every day of my life for saving a wretch like me! At the time, I worked in the trucking industry and continued to do so for the next twelve years, until it was confirmed that the Lord was indeed calling me into ministry. In August of 2005, while serving as a deacon at Christ the Word Church (PCA) in Toledo, I enrolled in the Reformed Evangelical Pastor’s College. I graduated from there in May of 2008.

During that final year I had begun to go to Peace Reformed Church in Napoleon, Ohio, and began to exhort from the pulpit there a couple of times per month. There I came to a very deep love and appreciation for the RCUS, and after much prayer, decided to pursue licensure and ordination within the RCUS. I was licensed and ordained by the Covenant East Classis in April 2010 and called to serve as the pastor at Peace Reformed Church, Napoleon, where I continue to serve. The elders and the congregation there have welcomed my family and me with open arms, and I will always be grateful to Almighty God for leading us there and into the RCUS!

I have been married to my wife Bianca for twenty years now. During that time the Lord has blessed us with nine children (six boys and three girls), ranging in ages from nineteen down to nine months. We are eagerly looking forward to serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with our lives for as long as He wills it, and truly feel that we have found a home in the RCUS.

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