Report from the Congo Economic Development Fund

These pictures were taken in May of 2014.  They are of girls who have completed the sewing classes in Mbuji-Mayi using sewing machines purchased with funds from the people of the RCUS.

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The classes are held in the church building in Mbuji-Mayi and there is not enough room there.  Rev. Kabongo writes, “We need to get a proper place and erect a school because many girls come to train in sewing, literacy, cooking etc.We need your prayers and support for other projects also, such as a primary and secondary Christian School in the Mbujimayi concession/ site.”

The “site” referred to is land purchased with money sent from the Congo Economic Development Fund.  The Congo Economic Development fund needs to raise money to begin construction on class buildings to be able to have a place to teach living skills to all who wish to learn.

In August of 2014, we sent $2,500 to rent a tractor and to purchase seed and fertilizer for three hectares (one hectare equals about 2.5 Acres) of land near the village of Bena Kazadi.  It is hoped that this project will provide jobs for many people, help them feed themselves and hopefully be able to have enough to sell produce in order to get funds to repeat the project next year.

Rev. Kabongo writes:  “We have started the field work with our staff in Bena Kazadi Village. The Project is named: Ferme de Mukonka i.e. Mukonka Farm. The pictures you see show the tractor work. We have three hectares on which we shall plant red beans, soja beans and other seeds. We plan to plant corn seed using fertilizer in a hectare. We wait for the rain that starts mid-August.”

Thanks for your help

Yours Rev Kmkabongo

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If you wish to be a part of helping our Christian brothers and sisters in the Congo to work to support themselves, you may send donations to the Congo Economic Development Fund, %Providence Reformed Church, 245 East Vine Street, Lodi, CA 95240








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