Report on Northern Plains Classis Meeting

The 29th Annual Northern Plains Classis Meeting took place at the Eureka Reformed Church in Eureka, SD on March 10 -11, 2014. The weather and driving conditions were pleasant for this part of the country and for this time of the year. We were very thankful to our Sovereign God Who controls the weather.

The meeting was opened with prayer by Rev. Jimmy Hall who then led the assembly in a devotion entitled Set Apartfrom I John 3:1-3. After the devotional, the meeting of Classis was called to order at 1:14 pm. The Roll Call followed with seven ministers and six elders in attendance. The next main items, after the appointment of tellers, was the election of officers. The following men were elected to office in the NPC: Rev. David Dawn, President; Rev. James Grossmann, Stated Clerk; Rev. George Syms, Vice-President; Elder Matthew Fickbohn, Treasurer. The election flowed smoothly and we thank God for these able men.

The entire meeting seemed to speed along with no “glitches” and no special orders to discuss. Rev. Dawn’s President’s Report on the State of the Classis was pastorally encouraging while noting some areas of concern within our Classis boundaries. He mentioned the Kassel Reformed Church meeting in Anamoose, ND which has been without a minister since Rev. Dale Clark moved to Dickinson, ND, to plant a Reformed Church. The work in Dickinson, being a new plant, is challenging. However, Rev. Clark is persevering faithfully and exploring options for the growth of the church. The commitment of the core families in Dickinson shows up in their outstanding financial giving. The Salem Reformed Church in Ashley, ND, and the Hosmer Reformed Church in Hosmer, SD are both without a pastor as Rev. James Grossmann has moved to the pastorate of the Eureka Reformed Church. It was also reported that Rev. Jimmy Hall has accepted the call to become the pastor of the Covenant Reformed Church in Sacramento, CA. Rev. Hall plans to move to Sacramento towards the end of May, leaving the pulpit of Herried (SD) First Reformed Church vacant. Prayer is requested for pastoral searches for Ashley and Herrried as they implore God for true ministers of the Word.

The Monday night worship service was well attended. Rev. Dale Clark, a former pastor of the Eureka congregation, brought a challenging and stimulating message on “The Church’s High Calling” from Romans 10:12-15.

NPC had one fraternal delegate in attendance, Rev. Bruce Prentice, a pastor of the Bethel Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Carson, ND. Rev. Prentice spoke brotherly words to the Classis and asked for prayer for the possibility of a new OPC work in Bismarck, ND. Mr. Michael Lassley, a member of Harvest RCUS (Minot) was welcomed as a visitor to Classis. Mr. Lassley is a recent graduate of RTS (Jackson) and a candidate for the ministry.

A word is in order for the gracious hosting of the Eureka Reformed Church, both in terms of housing and eats and treats. It is hard to be on a diet at a NPC Classis meeting! The kuchen variety was outstanding. All in all, we praise God for a very good meeting of those “of like precious faith.”


Rev. Phillip E. Poe, Minot, ND




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