Rev. Kabongo Bankina Josué

Rev. Kabongo Bankina Josué, one of the earliest leaders in the Reformed Confessing Church of the Congo (formerly Zaire) providentially went to be with the Lord on Sunday, March 24, 2013. Bankina, as we knew him, was part of the original group of congregation leaders ordained as “Responsible Elders” by Rev. Aaron Kayayan and Rev. Paul Treick in 1984. As such, he was one of the founders of the ERCZ. He later studied at the GKN (Liberated) Theological School in Lumbumbashi and was ordained as a minister. He joined with Rev. Kabongo and other leaders to separate from the ERCC and found the United Reformed Churches of the Congo (URCC).

He was among the pastors serving the churches in the Mbuji‑Mayi area and was being supported by RCUS funds. He was evidently in good health by all appearances, having taught classes to church members in Mbuji‑Mayi on Saturday, but died early Sunday morning. Bankina was one of Rev. Kayayan’s earliest correspondents in the former “Zaire,” and served the churches faithfully since his ordination as an Elder. He was a humble and quiet servant of the Lord who preached the Gospel faithfully and remained steadfast even during turmoil. We thank God for him and his labors for our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have lost a dear brother and fellow‑laborer in the Lord. May His soul rest in peace. He leaves a widow and several children. Please pray that our God will comfort and sustain them in this difficult time.

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