Dear friends and supporters of Reformed Faith and Life,

If you are receiving this correspondence, it means that you have provided support to Reformed Faith and Life. We thank you for your generous support and we praise God for your willing partnership with us in this ministry.

We want to take this opportunity to inform you about a significant decision that was made concerning the future of Reformed Faith and Life (French speaking ministry). At our recent meeting, held September 24, 2013, Reformed Faith and Life Committee approved a proposal to assist Rev. Eric Kayayan in the relocation of his ministry headquarters from its current location in Pretoria, South Africa to a new home and headquarters in France.

There are several reasons for this move, not the least of which is the personal safety of Eric and his family. But the main reason for relocation was Eric’s strong sense of calling to preach the Gospel among his native people. The ministry to the French-speaking nations in Africa will continue (as Eric’s programs will continue to be broadcast on the radio), but now Eric will be able to minister more effectively among the people of France.

Eric’s calling and supervising church, the Reformed Church Rietvallei, South Africa, has already given their approval for this relocation, and they are giving generous assistance to help make this transition possible. Our committee has also agreed to help Eric raise the estimated $18,000 needed for relocation. This amount covers transportation costs for personal items as well as the cost of other items he will have to purchase once he moves to France (it is cheaper to buy things in France, than pay to ship those items).

We are asking all our supporting churches to prayerfully consider helping us meet this relocation cost. It is possible that some of you cannot afford to give any more than you are currently giving, so please do not give to this relocation project if it means sacrificing your regular support of Reformed Faith and Life. We appreciate and depend upon your regular support to meet our annual budget, which for 2014 stands at $94,900.

For those who can help, you can assist us in one of three ways: 1) take a special offering; 2) designate your Thanksgiving Offering for this cause; or 3) give a certain amount from your mission fund. Please make checks payable to Reformed Faith and Life (French) as usual, and in the memo line: Relocation Project. Thank you so much for considering this.

In Christ’s service,
Mark Vander Hart,
Clerk, Reformed Faith and Life

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