St. Johns Reformed Church closes on a building for the Omaha plant

We’re very thankful to report that the Omaha church plant has been able to purchase a building that is suitable for their needs.  We thank God for their provision!  They had a special service to dedicate the building last week.

PRAYER: BELOVED IN THE LORD: We are gathered to set apart this house for the worship of the one living and true God. Let us then dedicate this place to our use for His worship.

Minister: In gratitude for the gracious keeping of the divine covenant throughout past generations, in reliance upon the promise that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church, and in the hope of the eternal glory of the Church triumphant:

People: We dedicate this house for the worship of God in praise and prayer, for the preaching of the gospel of the grace of God and for the celebration of the Holy Sacraments.

Then the minister shall say:

Beloved in the Lord: Seeing that it has pleased Almighty God to prosper us in our undertaking to secure a place for His worship, let us now invoke His abiding blessing, to the end that pure apostolic doctrine and order may be maintained here, and that the Holy Spirit may make His own ordinances effective.      In so doing let us reverently look to Him in prayer.”

Pastor Klynsma says, “God’s hand of providence is to be recognized and celebrated.  We are grateful for the love, prayers, gifts and offerings that helped make this purchase possible. “

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