Synod Memories


With thanks for his 13 years of diligence and loving labor as Reformed Herald Editor, Rev. Paul Treick is presented with shades, a frosty mug (Green Bay Packer!) and some matching duct tape to continue his excellent “Cut and Paste” work in his retirement.







GrossmannAt each meal, the Synod President, Rev. James Sawtelle, instructed the pastors who led the devotions to bring a little ‘Grossmann’ flavor to the devotion, with either light-hearted stories or heart-warming recollections of the legacy and impact of Rev.  Robert Grossmann.  After more than 50 years of faithful ministry to King Jesus in His Church, Grossmann is now retired.  He spends part of his time among RCUS churches in South Dakota and lives in Florida during the winter.  To assist Bob with his lifelong dream of being one ‘cool cat,’ he was presented with this stylish leather jacket.



2014-05-22 08.26.55Quotables
“The thing that stands out to me were the 10 first time elder delegates. Maybe I am wrong but that seemed like a lot of new faces. I enjoyed getting to know them.”
During the debate on whether to list the contact info for pastors on our website, some people questioned how secure this info might be or if it might get into the hands of the general public. Rev. Randy Klynsma stood up and declared, “I don’t know how we can be the light of the world and incognito at the same time.”

Someone asked Elspeth Schieffelin (whose father is an elder at Limon, CO) what she thought of Synod. She said, “It’s great! I made a Calvin, Luther, and Zwingli joke and everyone got it!”
Several Synod delegates wrote that the most memorable moment of Synod was the closing devotion given by Elder Fred Hofmann from the host congregation. It “was very riveting and excellent.” The title for the devotion could have been, “Paradise in the 3rd pew.” After describing various worldly definitions of Paradise, we were all pointed to the place where we sit each week in worship. That is the place where we truly see Paradise, however dimly. One elder writes that he shared the content of this devotion in his report to the congregation the following Sunday. “His explanation of ‘paradise’ was tremendous and I think it brought a long lasting emphasis on how worshipping our God each Lord’s Day is such a glorious gift.”

2014-05-21 12.18.07 Of course, one special memory of every Synod is the memory we all take home with us on our waistline.  One elder wrote, “I had a great time and it was great to see everybody again, the only bad thing was I gained 5 pounds thanks to the great meals . . .”

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