Abortions have become a fact of life. Or should I say a fact of death. Actually there are more murders by abortion in our nation than by any other traumatic death. In some cities, such as Washington D. C., there are more abortions than live births. We now have a ban on assault weapons, but the instruments of the abortionists are continually being honed.

Legalized abortion has become a part of the mind-set of a large part of our culture, although proponents fear to put it up to a vote. Perhaps there is not a majority who favor it. A few politicians who oppose abortion are the exception.

Over 60 million babies have been put to death in the United States since January, 1972 (42 years ago!), when it became legal in our land to actually invade the security of the womb in order to kill a child. There was a time when I was young that the very idea and subject of abortion was not something a family discussed around the dinner table. There was a time in the 1960’s when Christians heard about people who favored legalizing abortion on demand. Yet, we never thought that such a thing would have a ghost of a chance to become a legal right in our nation. In fact we always believed that doctors were sworn to save lives and never to give a woman an instrument that would cause an abortion. We underestimated the depravity of the human heart and mentality of the sinful mind.

The mentality of the Supreme Court was also underestimated. While they pompously declared that they could not determine when human life began in the womb, they then proceeded to declare when life could end in the womb. This venerable body likewise declared that since they could not determine when life began, nobody else could either. We have reached the point where even a partially born child can still be killed by the abortionist. It was the mother’s choice.

The mentality of many unbelievers in our society is a reflection of the selfishness inherent in the Fall of our first parents in the Garden of Eden when they declare that this is a matter of ‘personal choice’. What Eve did in eating the fruit forbidden by God, is continued in abortion by doing what God clearly forbids. The argument is: what a woman does with her own body is hers to decide. It is her choice. These same enlightened women apparently have forgotten the process by which pregnancy occurs — the fertilization by a man. But nevertheless, men, for the most part, have agreed to this method of birth control. The very premise of “Pro-Choice” is wrong. This is not the intent of the freedoms granted under our Constitution, nor does man ever have the right to make any choice contrary to God’s law. Given the choice, unregenerate man will always choose evil over good. If it were not for the depraved heart of mankind, pro-choice would be acceptable because it would be God’s choice also.

The mind of mankind, however, is corrupted to the extent that “every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” (Gen. 6:5)

Where has this sinful mentality led us in the area of reproduction and abortion?

1. It is now determined that life and death are in the hands of man. It is no longer the sole prerogative of the Creator. Today we cringe at the thought that if mere men can determine to kill an unborn child because it is unwanted, then anyone in society can be killed when they are no longer wanted, viable, or productive. Brace yourselves, it’s now under discussion by the so-called ‘death panels’ who determine who is worthy of further medical treatment, with the enactment of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

If life is simply man’s to give and take, then life has no sanctity. But man is created in the image of God and as David says in Psalm 51, “I was brought forth in iniquity, and in sin my mother conceived me.” Adam’s sin (Rom. 5:12) is not imputed to a piece of tissue or a non-human. Sin is imputed only to a living child – a human being – at the moment of conception. The mistaken mentality of our day is that this child is a fetus (now defined as non-human, non-living tissue).

2. The false theory of evolution has played a hand in this mentality. If human beings are not created and therefore not sacred (derived from God), and human sexuality is not sacred, then of course, human life is not sacred. It is expendable. Witness the street-killings where people are murdered without thought that it is a human life which is ended. It is a throw-away like any animal that dies. Have we devolved to this sort of bestiality in our “civilized” culture? Apparently so.

People have been programmed for years in science, biology, sociology, and psychology to believe that man is just another “animal”. For the most part our nation has accepted that terminology and the lifestyle that follows. That has become the mentality of our culture now. However, the killing of an endangered animal is considered a major crime.

3. Abortion is now the acceptable form of birth control. Interestingly, there was a time when Planned Parenthood, in the pre-Roe vs. Wade days, actually spoke and wrote against abortion. It taught birth control, but abortion was not emphasized as an option. This mentality has changed as the law has changed. After all, it is easier to cover a “mistake” by abortion than to abstain from sex. Now they will gladly help arrange an abortion. Oh yes, they hand out condoms by the thousands, but that is just one option by which many can commit adultery and not be caught or made responsible for their actions. Condoms may now be distributed in our schools, but of course, Bibles may not. This has nothing really to do with separation of religion and the state. It has to do with silencing all voices (including God’s) which oppose sinful behavior.

4. There is a belief in our society that says, “sin has no consequences.” Our weakened justice system certainly has furthered that concept. Even if taking the life of a child is not quite morally right, so what. It’s legal, so our conscience is clear. Or is it? Nobody can deny that any mother who murders her own flesh and blood will have to suffer the guilt of this action and answer to God, as will the abortionists. It creates a scar that remains for life and beyond. Only repentance and faith in Christ can remove this sin.

No consequences? How about the child? If you were the baby, I dare say you would have a lot to say about the consequences. But, of course, we cannot hear the cries of the unborn as long as they are silenced by the womb as well as by the courts of our land.

No consequences? How about coming face to face with God. Will a just God allow sin to go unpunished? Certainly not. Abortion is an attack on a person created in the image of God, to which there is a penalty (Gen. 9:6). Either we will have to bear the sentences ourselves, or we can repent of sin and believe that we are justified by faith when we trust that Jesus died for our sins. All sin has a consequence. For every act man is ultimately held responsible to a just God. We either bear it ourselves or, by grace through faith, it has been borne by Jesus Christ.

5. The most serious mental degradation involved in abortion has to do with human sacrifice. Why do people murder unborn children today? I believe we all know. It is to have a better life (for the parents, that is). A child would be inconvenient and stand in the way of their careers, their lifestyle, their reputation, their cars, their homes, etc. People kill another human so they can gain something. When human beings sacrifice other human beings so they can have these things, it is called “idolatry”. Pagans have always had this mentality. The Israelites, upon entering the Promised Land, witnessed tribes who sacrificed their children in exchange for some personal benefit.

We shudder upon hearing of such human sacrifices in heathen cultures. Yet, just a few miles from our homes, ordinary, civilized people cut up their offspring (in a sometimes sterile environment) and dispose of them like trash. All this just to avoid the inconvenience of being kept from something they want to enjoy. Since they would not think of sacrificing some of their things or time in their own lives, they will just sacrifice their unborn children to the idol god of materialism.

To be sure, there are some who try to act very compassionately in all this. They say, “who would want to bring a child into an unwanted situation or into poverty?” So they conclude that murdering the child is better. Nobody has asked the child which option is better. And who has asked God which option is better.

6. Finally, the mere scope of the problem has caused many who are opposed to abortion to take on the mentality of “live and let live” (or more accurately, “live and let die.”) Abortion is not a pro-choice option for Christians. Abortion is murder and God condemns murder.

We must labor to dissuade those who have made a law born in the pits of hell and to undo it. It has been 42 years and counting. As long as this remains the law of the land, lawmakers and abortionists have a rock to crawl under. Christians must be aware of who their elected officials are and where they stand. Our rulers need to hear from us that this depraved and ugly mentality that has seized our land must stop.

Ultimately we must use the tools that God has given us in our battle. We are not fighting against flesh and blood and cannot use the tools of the flesh. Vigilante violence against abortionists is not the answer. It is the heart of man that needs to be changed so that man’s choice is God’s will. That can come only by proclaiming the Word of God and praying that the Holy Spirit will give new hearts and minds to our lawmakers and to those who otherwise might seek to kill their own offspring. Surely, God will judge the sins of the unrepentant. And for the repentant, there is forgiveness by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

One day we will all be called to give account. While we may not be having or performing abortions, we do need to remember the words, “Therefore to him who knows to do good, and does not do it, to him it is sin.” (James 4:17) May this mentality guide the actions of God’s people.

PHT, Modesto, CA

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