Update on the RCUS’ work in the Congo

Congo Update

The planting of seed in the Congo got a bit of a late start because the tractor owner had other places to work before he could come back and disc up the soil in preparation for planting. In God’s Providence, this was a blessing because it hadn’t rained yet. Normally rains start in mid August. Treated corn, soy beans, and red beans were planted. Later on, some carrots will be planted as well. We received word that the week after the planting was done there was a good rain. However, the rains have not come as usual. Some of the first planting had to be replanted. Please pray that God will send rain for these crops to grow into an abundant harvest to help feed our brothers and sisters in the Congo.

Another thing that would be very helpful for this village would be to have a well for water. The people need good water to drink and if we put in a solar pump, the water could also be used to irrigate portions of the field. It is our goal to put in such a well if it is financially feasible. We hope to hear soon what the cost of such a project would be.

The school season began in Mbujimayi and they have about 100 girls enrolled. They are holding classes for the grade school and the sewing class meets in the church building which creates some problems for worship services. There is a neighbor who has a house and enclosed yard that would work for a school. The cost would be $20,000. This doesn’t really fall under economic development, but I was asked to put the need before God’s people to see if there is any person or group that might help with procuring this site.

Meanwhile, continue to be in prayer for these brothers and sisters in Christ as the political and economic situation is very unstable.

Prepared fieldPreparing to disc

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