Western Classis Heidelberg Youth Camp 2015

On the edge of the Sequoia National Forest near the small town of Balance Rock, the Western Classis held their annual Heidelberg Youth Camp.

The opening session began with the general call to defend the faith from 1 Peter 3:15. In order to address the topic of faith and the subject of defending the same, the biblical them was “Defending the Faith.” There are common questions that are asked by believers and unbelievers alike. Therefore, each day of camp these common questions were addressed. For example, “If God is good why is there suffering?” “Why are Christians so intolerant?” “Aren’t there many ways to God?” “Wasn’t Jesus just a good teacher?” And, “What is the difference between creation and evolution.” Reverends Gruggett, Voytek, Hall, Mancilas, Alpuche, and Henderson faithfully instructed the covenant youth concerning these common questions.

In between the discussion times, the young people enjoyed s’mores and bear stories near the bonfire. There was also quite the quarrel during “Camp Feud.” The show host asked silly questions of each contestant. For example, “What sorts of things might you find on pappy’s front porch?” Or, “What kind of animals might be trespassing in pappy’s barn?” The young people made good friends. And did you know that Rev. Paul Henderson was an extra on the movie set of “Hard Country”? Many things are learned at camp, especially the equipping of these young covenant children.

All in all, this year’s camp was a great time for all.

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